How do I create a Supreme release?


1. Click Releases.
2. Click the plus sign in the bottom right of the tab.
3. Enter a release name and select either Supreme US or Supreme EU.

Monitor Type

Keywords - Good keywords and bad keywords. Enter them as complete words with no symbols. Good keywords will look for the item specified, while bad keywords will be avoided. Keywords for Supreme will be provided every week on the HUB and in our Discord server.

Monitor Delay

Set your desired delay for monitoring. It is recommended to keep this option at the default value. and choose your proxy list next to it. Be sure to use Local Host (No proxies / No server) or Residential IPs.

Scheduled Start (Optional)

If you would like to start tasks at a scheduled time, please use this. It will be based off of your system time. There is no need to click Start if you have a scheduled time set up.

Product Category

Choose the category of the item you are going for on Supreme. Categories will be provided in our weekly guides on the HUB and Discord.

Auto Retry On Fail

If this option is on, your tasks will continue to retry checking out after a failed attempt.

Save your changes and click on the plus sign to add a task.

Creating a Task 

Choose your profile and desired sizing. Random will choose the first size available. Set up preferred sizing in the settings. You can also change the quantity of tasks created by adjusting the Task Qty number.
  • None - If this option is chosen, your task will be ran in request mode which means there are no browsers involved. We will advise you if you should run this mode in our weekly guides.
  • Safe - Hybrid mode has been passing Supreme’s anti-bot every week so far since it’s addition, but because it uses a browser, it’s resource intensive and slow on hyped drops when Supreme’s website can’t handle the load. This new mode utilizes techniques Hybrid mode uses to get passed anti-bot much more effectively than cookie generation, but does not use a browser. Meaning, it’s lightweight, safer than no safe mode, and much faster than Hybrid mode.
  • Hybrid - This mode utilizes a combination of techniques from Browser modes and no safe mode, creating an extremely safe (against anti-bot) and an efficient method of checking out!
  • Use 3DS - This mode will make your task not bypass Supreme EU's 3DS payment processor, which means you need to manually authorize the payment. This should only be used on hyped drops, because that's the only time Supreme enforces 3DS!
  • Captcha Bypass Using this mode, your task will use a method to checkout that does not require you to solve a google recaptcha! Currently, this mode is patched.
  • Pre-Harvest This mode allows you to pre-harvest captchas before the drop, so when the release occurs your tasks can use google recaptcha tokens that you harvested prior to the drop!  Currently, this mode only works for Supreme JP.
For Supreme EU, we recommend:
  • A mix of no safe mode and “safe” mode tasks. Supreme EU will most likely have 3DS enabled, and only those two modes currently have 3DS support.
  • Starting 45-60s before drop time.
For Supreme US, we recommend:
  • A mix of no safe mode, “safe” mode, and some Hybrid mode tasks if your machine can handle them.
  • Starting 45s-60s before drop time.


Input the color of the item you wish to go for. Colors will be found in our weekly Supreme guides. If you leave the color option blank, your task will go for the first color found. Leaving it at Random will choose a random color. Click on the word Color to mass change the color for your tasks. A window will open and ask you which color you'd like to change your tasks to, as well as the percentage of the tasks you want changed.

Adjusting Item Quantity


Clicking the cog next to the release name will bring up the above window. If you'd like to checkout multiple items in one task, this is where you can adjust that quantity. This will be the quantity ALL the tasks under that release will cart. If the quantity you selected exceeds the allowed item quantity, it will default to carting only 1. Item quantity does not work with Hybrid mode tasks.
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