What are safe modes?


Kodai offers two safe modes to combat anti-bot, Safe-1 and Safe-2. You can find these by hitting the arrow next to Swift Shipping.

  • Safe-1: This mode is the slowest of all the Shopify task modes, but bypasses Shopify’s anti-bot protection. It is CRUCIAL that you use a safe mode variation (i.e. safe-1 or safe-2) for releases where anti-bot safeguards are is enabled. If not using a safe mode during a drop with anti-bot enabled, the task will get stopped at payment with the status of “Blocked By AntiBot”.
  • Safe-2: This mode is a combination of safe-1 and bypass-2. It implements the safe mode techniques that bypasses Shopify’s anti-bot protection, but also allows you to instantly skip the queue if you start early enough, similarly to bypass-2. Please refer to bypass-2 to see the requirements you need to do to successfully bypass the queue on drop time! It’s recommended to start these tasks 3 - 5 minutes early.


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