How do I create an Adidas confirmed release?

  • Navigate to the Releases tab, press the '+' to create a new release, name your release group and select your desired region in the Adidas confirmed category (e.g "Adidas Confirmed - US").
  • Kodai uses an in-house solver for Adidas confirmed. Which means there is zero additional cost for third-party services when running for a release!
  • IMPORTANT! User:password authentication proxies are required for Adidas confirmed. IP authentication proxies DO NOT WORK!
  • Click on Configure Account and the menu in the screenshot below will appear:Screen_Shot.png
    • Here, you can input accounts that you want to enter the draw with. Please keep in mind that Kodai assigns accounts to tasks using a profile matching the account email address.
    • You can optionally enable the feature to "Create account if doesn't exist". This will check if each account you provided already exists and if it doesn't Kodai will automatically create the account for you with the password provided.
    • You can also include the "CVV" field to your accounts if you already have accounts with profile information (address + card) set on them. By doing so, your tasks will not require profiles and instead will use the default information on the account to enter the draw.
  • After you've added your accounts, you can click on Configure Settings and configure a few extra settings, such as an entry delay (configure a time, in milliseconds, a task should wait before sending the final step to enter the raffle) or sending a webhook after each successful entry.Screen_Shot.pngScreen_Shot.png
  • For long raffles, you can also configure the Simultaneous Entries setting. This setting will limit the amount of tasks that enter the raffle at once. For example, if you set this value to five, only five tasks will enter the draw at a time.
    • This is a very powerful setting if used in combination with the Entry Delay setting. For instance, you can configure your entry delay to 10000 (10 seconds) and your simultaneous entries to three and let your release run, which will make your tasks automatically enter throughout the entire day and help prevent the possibility of being filtered.
  • Once you're all done and have created your tasks, add your product sku and press start.
    • Please keep in mind when creating tasks to USE US SHOE SIZING, regardless of the region you're running for. To simplify user setup, Kodai automatically converts all different shoe sizing (EU, MX, UK, etc) to US sizing.
  • When tasks are preparing, they will automatically login to your accounts (or create them if needed) and then set the profile details as default on the account.
    • It is HIGHLY recommended to login and set profile details on the account at least a few hours before a drop. You can use a fake/"dummy" SKU for your release when preparing. Once your tasks get to 'Waiting for Product' it means it that they have fully prepared and you can stop them and start again before the actual release.
    • Please keep in mind, only address details can be saved to an account when a draw is not occurring, so do not create fresh accounts with profiles and then switch to N/A profile mode before the first draw. Once the fresh accounts have entered one draw, then your card will be saved for future draws and you can switch to using N/A profile mode if wanted.
  • Winners will be selected shortly after a draw has closed. You can easily check exactly which of your accounts won by using the Order Checker tool. To use this tool, change your monitor type from SKU -> Tool Selection, then select the 'Order Checker' tool.
    • You will need to set a "Get Orders After" date. This will fetch orders only after this date (to prevent checking old/unwanted orders).
    • Once your tasks have completed checking for any orders, you can press the 'Export' button to easily export all of your orders into a spreadsheet.Screen_Shot.png
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