How do I create a spoofer instance for a splash release?


To create multiple instances using the Spoofer Feature, select the Spoofer icon located on the top menu.


Next, select the Create Instances button to create your browser instances.

A pop-up will be displayed where you will be able to enter the following:

  • URL
  • Proxy
  • Number of Instances

For example, the URL for a Yeezy Supply splash release would look like this:

Proxies should be displayed 1 per line, similar to this format:


The option to increase or decrease the number of instances can be done by selecting the + or - or clicking into the number field and manually entering the number of desired instances to create.

Once your settings have been set, select the Create button.


Essentials will now display all the instances that you created.  

Prior to starting a release, it is recommended to create a Discord Webhook to receive notifications when one of your instances passes splash. This option can be set by adding the Webhook to the Detection Webhook field located on the top left of the screen.

For a Yeezy Supply or Adidas Splash release, select Adidas Splash Page from the Detection Method drop-down. For a SnipesUSA or KicksUSA queue-it release, use No Detection from the drop-down.

Another note, for a Yeezy Supply or Adidas Splash release, you will need to generate cookies prior to the drop. Cookies for each specific site are valid for 24 hours so be sure to create enough cookies well before the scheduled drop.  

If you do need to generate cookies, select Manage Cookies from the menu which will bring you to the section to Generate and manage your Spoofer cookies.

To start your instances, select the Select All Instances from the menu and then the Start button located on the top right of Essentials.  It is recommended to start your splash instances when the Sale goes live. This will help prevent bans and losing your cookies.

Once an instance passes splash, a Webhook notification will be sent to your Discord channel if you have that option selected. The instance that passes will be highlighted where you can click the Eye icon next to the Browser name to access and enlarge the browser.

The option to select your desired size and enter your personal billing and shipping information will be displayed.  

Follow through the steps to complete your checkout, and repeat for each instance that passes the Splash Page!

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