Setup Guide

    • Navigate to the Releases tab, press the '+' to create a new release, name your release group and select your desired region in the Asos category (e.g "Asos - US").
    • Enter the SKU of the release you would like to run for in the Product SKU field inside of your task group. [OPTIONALLY REPLACE THIS STEP WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE "How to use Multi-SKU Monitoring" GUIDE]
    • Click on Configure Accounts and add your list of Accounts as shown in the screenshot below.

    • Select your Proxy List.
    • To create your tasks, click the + sign. Select an individual profile or ‘Use All Profiles’. For sizing, you can either select Random, specific sizes, or your preferred size range which you can customize in the settings tab.
    • Once you have done all the above, make sure to click the Save Changes button so you don’t lose your settings!
    • NOTE: Once an account logs in once, the session will save and you will not have to log in again for a very long time (even if you recreate the task or restart your client). Therefore, it's advised to just login to all your accounts (start your tasks) right away, so then whenever you want to run for releases or restocks you don't need to worry about login.
    • BONUS FEATURES: Captchas for login are not needed with Kodai, so you can run thousands of tasks with ease! Additionally, Kodai automatically uses the cheapest currency for each region you run (which is typically GBP, and if the region doesn't support GBP it'll use the the default currency for that region). Asos - CA also supports GBP with Kodai!
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