How do I create a Shopify release?

1. Click Releases
2. Click the plus sign in the bottom right of the tab.
3. Enter a release name and select a store.

Monitor Types 

Good keywords and bad keywords. Enter them as complete words with no symbols. Good keywords will look for the item specified, while bad keywords will be avoided.

Enter the link you wish to run a release on.

Enter the Shopify Variant and size you wish to run a release on.
Variant monitoring requires different delays than for keywords or link monitoring. Use delays that you would for restocks! If you modify your variants while your release is started, then please make sure to simply restart the tasks with the sizes that were effected.
Please keep in mind that very few stores require additional attributes for carting that a variant cannot provide. If your tasks get stuck on carting for over a minute or you get "Failed to ATC", this may be why.

Monitor Delay
Set your desired delay for proxies and choose your proxy list next to it.
Click the plus sign next to your proxy list to configure Monitor Proxies. Due to the recent changes Shopify has been doing, many users have been experiencing their proxies getting throttled (slowed down). To combat this issue, you can choose a different set of proxies to monitor a product with. So, once the product is found, your tasks will be using fresh and unrestricted proxies to checkout, hopefully reducing the time it takes your tasks to checkout.

Schedule Start 
If you would like to start tasks at a scheduled time, please use this. It will be based on your system time.
Note: There is no need to click Start if you have a scheduled time set up.

Store Password
If the store you are running for has a password page up, please input the password here to bypass it.
Force Captcha
This option is only for Bypass-3 tasks. If this is on, force captcha will assume there is a captcha and go straight to solving. If there is no captcha present, your task will be a bit slower.

New Products Only
If this option is on, your tasks will look for 15 of the most recent products loaded on the store and beyond.

Save your changes and click the plus sign to create a task.

Creating a Task

Choose your profile and desired sizing. Random will choose the first size available. Set up preferred sizing in the settings. You can also change the number of tasks created by adjusting the Task Qty number. Ticking "Use All Profiles" will create a task for each of your profiles that you have saved.

Bypass-2: This mode can instantly skip the queue and go directly from carting to submitting payment once the product has been found! However, using this mode requires you to start your tasks EARLY when there is no store password page up. It’s recommended to start these tasks 3 - 5 minutes early, and sometimes even earlier if it’s a large release. 

Bypass-3: This mode has the same idea and requirements as bypass-2 (starting early), but uses a different method of checking out which can occasionally be faster!

Swift Shipping: Tasks using swift shipping will skip the additional checkout step of fetching the appropriate shipping rate, which can significantly quicken your checkout speed! However, you’ll need to add the shipping rate beforehand in the shipping rates manager page, else tasks using this option will get the error of “SS Not Configured”!

Safe-1: This mode is the slowest of all the Shopify task modes, but bypasses Shopify’s anti-bot protection. It is CRUCIAL that you use a safe mode variation (i.e. safe-1 or safe-2) for releases where anti-bot safeguards are is enabled. If not using a safe mode during a drop with anti-bot enabled, the task will get stopped at payment with the status of “Payment Error”.

Safe-2: This mode is a combination of safe-1 and bypass-2. It implements the safe mode techniques that bypasses Shopify’s anti-bot protection, but also allows you to instantly skip the queue if you start early enough, similarly to bypass-2. Please refer to bypass-2 to see the requirements you need to do to successfully bypass the queue on drop time! It’s recommended to start these tasks 5 - 10 minutes early.

EXP-FT: As of January 30th, 2020 there are currently no experimental features to be tested. We will post in the Discord server and update this page when there is a new feature.

Task Statuses

Stopped - Task is stopped.
Waiting for Product - Task is waiting for the product to be found.
OOS Checking Restocks - Task is waiting for the product to restock.
Waiting in Queue - Task is currently waiting in queue.
Waiting for Captcha - Task is currently waiting for a CAPTCHA to be solved.
Check Your Email - Check your email for an order confirmation!
Payment Failed OOS - Your payment has failed because the product is out of stock.
Payment Failed - Your payment has failed for an unknown reason.
Bad Profile Details - Your task has failed due to bad profile details.
Card Declined - Your payment has failed because your card was declined.
Out of Stock - Your task has failed due to the product being out of stock.
Failed to ATC - If you get this task status, it means the proxy that task is using has been detected by Shopify’s anti-bot system and is prohibiting your task from adding to cart.
No Proxies Available - Similar to the Failed to ATC status, this status represents the set of proxies used in the release got banned during the drop.  Switch out your proxies and proceed with starting the release again.
• Detected by Anti-Bot - If you are not using one of Kodai safe modes while Shopify’s anti-bot protection is on, your task will get flagged and display this message. Restart your task to attempt to cart the item again.
Sending Checkpoint - This status is displayed when your task is currently sending the checkpoint captcha that you just solved.  Nowadays, a majority of popular Shopify stores enable a “checkpoint” system for releases. This system requires an additional captcha to be solved in order to access the checkout page and continue on with the task. If your tasks are stuck at this task status, it’s most likely due to site lag. Allow the task to run and it will eventually continue on to the next step.
• Check Your Export - This status indicates a Kodai Browser Checkout was sent to your configured Discord webhook. In the webhook, there’s an option to click a link that will bring you directly to the checkout page, where you can continue on with the checkout process manually. An example is shown below!
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