Shopify - How do I create a Shopify Automations release?



1. Click 'Releases'.

2. Click the plus sign in the bottom right of the tab.

3. Enter a release name and select Shopify Automations as the release store.

4. Create tasks with the profiles you want to use. When an automation release gets created, it will use the exact tasks and profiles you created.

5. Configure your Shopify Automation settings (explained below).

6. START THE RELEASE. Make sure to start the release to start monitoring for restocks. Don't worry, no proxy data will be used.


To configure your Shopify Automation settings, click on Configure Automations.

You can list as many Shopify sites to monitor as you want. Once a product link or keywords set you entered in the monitor input list is picked up, a new release will be made with the exact same configuration as the automations release (monitor delay, proxies, tasks/profile, etc) and will start checking out the product!

You can also include product SKUs rather than keywords. For instance, including +DD1391-100 will trigger an automation release any time a mens panda dunk restocks!

The optional conditions Kodai currently supports are:

  • PMIN:<whole number> - the minimum price the product has to be.
  • PMAX:<whole number> - the maximum price the product can be.
  • SZ:<list of sizes> - If the product loads but at least one of the sizes you configured didn't, then the product won't pick up, and your release will continue waiting for another product to pick up. Example - SZ:4,5,6,7,9.

Below is an example of the format for optional conditions:


Below the Monitor Input List, you will see various options:

Automatically delete created releases on stop - Releases generated from automations will automatically be deleted when they're stopped.

Automatically stop release after the condition is met - Once a release is automatically generated from automations, you can configure certain conditions to automatically stop it afterwards.

Automatically choose optimal task mode on start - When a new release is generated, Kodai will automatically choose the optimal mode to use on all of your tasks.

Automatically start release when checkpoint goes up - Automations will monitor when checkpoint goes up on any of the sites you have added to your monitoring site list. When a checkpoint goes live, a new release will be generated and your tasks will prepare and be ready for when the site restocks products.

  • Passive mode: This mode will create one release and monitor all the product links from the store for which the release was made. Once a size in any of the products becomes available, all tasks in that release will switch and try to check out that product.
  • Aggressive mode: This mode will create a release for every product link from the store for which the release was made and go into restock mode. This mode has a significantly faster checkout flow than passive mode and is much more likely to check out, but should only be used if you confidently know what will restock when the checkpoint goes up (as you'll be using proxy data and solving checkpoint captchas for every release while your tasks prepare).
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