EU Footsites - How do I create a Footlocker EU release?


  • Click Releases.
  • Click the plus sign in the bottom right of the tab.
  • Enter a release name and select your desired Footlocker region.

Currently Supported Regions

  • Footlocker AT
  • Footlocker AU
  • Footlocker BE
  • Footlocker CZ
  • Footlocker DE
  • Footlocker DK
  • Footlocker ES
  • Footlocker FR
  • Footlocker GR
  • Footlocker HU
  • Footlocker IE
  • Footlocker HK
  • Footlocker IT
  • Footlocker LU
  • Footlocker MY
  • Footlocker NL
  • Footlocker NO
  • Footlocker PL
  • Footlocker PT
  • Footlocker SE
  • Footlocker SG
  • Footlocker UK
Monitor Delay
If you are monitoring a regular product, set your desired delay for proxies and choose your proxy list next to it. Be sure to test your proxies on Footlocker using our built in proxy tester to make sure you can use that specific list. 
Schedule Start 
If you would like to start tasks at a scheduled time, please use this. It will be based off of your system time. There is no need to click Start if you have a scheduled time set up.
Product SKU
Input the product SKU of the item you are going for. For hyped releases, we provide the SKU in our release guides.
Creating a Task
Choose your desired sizing. Random will choose the first size available. Set up preferred sizing in the settings. You can also change the quantity of tasks created by adjusting the Task Qty number.
Export: If using this mode, your task will go all the way to the checkout step, but will stop there and instead export the checkout link for you to complete manually. This is great for drops where you are using a credit card that has 3D secure enabled, or want to give your friends checkouts too!
After setting up your tasks, click save changes and start your release. 


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