How do I setup CAPTCHA harvesters?



Creating a CAPTCHA harvester is simple!

1. Click CAPTCHAS.
2. On the top right, click the '+' button.
3. Customize the accounts name here and add a proxy if you wish. We recommend each CAPTCHA harvester to have a unique proxy for best results. Click continue.

4. Login to your Google account, and then wait a few seconds and select a YouTube video to watch. This can run in the background and then every 30 minutes or so, interact with the video (Like, Dislike etc).

Clicking on the green button will perform a CAPTCHA test and inform you if your harvester is in good shape for one clicks.



If this option is selected, Kodai will auto-click your CAPTCHAs for you.

Re-queue on Fail

If this option is selected, Kodai will automatically remove a CAPTCHA if it's not a one-click. It will then re-queue it for another solver to solve and prevent that current solver from getting anymore CAPTCHAs.

Default CAPTCHA Solver

By selecting a default solver, that selected solver will open when you start your tasks.

6. Click Open All Solvers and choose your desired store type to open all of the current solvers.
Make sure to have at least one or more solvers open, or your tasks will not move past Waiting for CAPTCHA!


Checkpoint Captchas

Shopify CHECKOUT ONLY Captcha Harvesters

Now, when opening a captcha harvester, you can select between opening a normal Shopify captcha harvester, or a captcha harvester that will only receive checkout captchas. Though, normal harvesters can still get checkout captchas. 

The decision making between which harvester queue a checkout captcha will get sent to is as follows:

  • No checkout captcha harvesters are open, captcha will go to Normal Shopify harvester queue.

  • At least one checkout captcha is open and available, captcha will go to Checkout only Shopify harvester queue.

  • At least one checkout captcha is open, but they're all currently occupied (i.e.solving a captcha), and a normal Shopify harvester is available, captcha will go to Normal Shopify harvester queue.
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