What is the successful setup rewards system?


Checked out a product with Kodai? Post about it and GET REWARDED! You have to chance of getting rewarded when:

  • Posting your successful setup.
  • Posting your success in the Discord server.
  • Posting your success in your Discord "cook" groups.

What Are The Rewards?

The possible rewards are:

  • Exclusive ranks in the Discord server.
  • Free days onto your license key renewal.
  • Extra instances -- allowing you to use Kodai on multiple machines.

The probability of being rewarded is currently undisclosed, but you have a significantly higher chance of being rewarded when you post your success in the Discord server compared to your successful setup (over 5x higher!). But you can post both for an even greater chance of being rewarded!

Additionally, when posting in the Discord server, you will receive a random amount (1 - 5) of tickets.

  • Every week there is 1-2 raffles that you can use your tickets on to receive exclusive rewards.

What are the Exclusive Discord Ranks?

There are currently three exclusive ranks that you can be awarded to: 

  • Chef
  • Master Chef
  • Legendary Chef.

You get awarded these ranks in order. Which means you need to first rankup to the Chef role, then Master Chef and then to Legendary Chef.

Each role comes with a bunch of benefits such as:

  • An exclusive Discord channel for each rank:
    • Others in the same rank as you can talk and participate in frequent exclusive events such as group buys, proxy giveaways and more!
  • Increased "quota":
    • Certain modules (such as Nike FLOW, Asos, END. Clothing, etc) have a "quota" of the amount of generations you can do per hour. The higher rank you are the higher your quota will be, allowing you to run more tasks per instance!
  • Priority access to new features and modules:
    • Ranks get access to new big features that require beta testing. Access is given randomly to Chef's but the higher your rank is the better chance you have of getting access!
    • Current exclusive features/modules include: (last updated September 2023):

Posting Your Success In The Discord Server

Posting your success in the Discord server is simple! Anytime you get success that you'd like to showcase, post either a picture, gif, or tweet in the #success channel for a chance to get rewarded.

Posting Your Success Anonymously In The Discord Server

Want to stay low-key about your success but still get rewarded? Simply direct message the image you would like to post to Kodai Companion#0052 in the Discord server.

Screen Shot.png i

Screen Shot.png

You can then add a caption if wanted and then confirm your post. The message will be sent in the #success channel completely anonymously and you'll still get rewarded!

Screen Shot.png

[TRIPLE YOUR REWARDS!] Posting Your Success In Your Groups

Part of a Discord group related to sneakers/clothing? Make sure to post your Kodai success in there too! You can post and get rewarded for up to 3 groups you post your Kodai success in.

You get rewarded for each group you post your success in! Which means if you post your success in 3 groups, you'll triple your rewards and chances for a RANKUP!

Screen Shot.png

Once you post your success in your group(s), press the "Submit Group Success Posts" button from the message you received from Kodai Companion when posting your success in Kodai. Then send a screen of each of the group(s) you posted your success in. Please make sure your success and group is shown in the screenshot. Once submitted, your screenshots will be reviewed by a Kodai team member and then you'll be rewarded!

Screen Shot.png

Posting Your Successful Setup

When you start a release, a new button will appear next to the release controls that has the symbol of a rocket ship. This button will glow when new success is available to be posted. All you will need to do is click the button to post your successful setup!

The setups are all anonymous, so you do not need to worry about people pestering you about your setup afterwards. The information in the setup is minimal, but enough to help other users that may not have the best setup.



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