How do I assign a Profile Group?


Profile Groups make it easier to associate profiles together so set up time is made simpler.  You can create profile groups for each release and add profiles accordingly. 

To group profiles, Select the Profiles tab.


Find your profile to assign to the specific group.  Select the Folder icon.


A window will be displayed to Assign a Profile Group.  Type in a new or existing Profile Group Name to link the profile to. Select 'Assign Profile Group'.  Repeat these steps for all profiles you want associated together.


In your Release, a new option to select Profile Groups is displayed.  Select the specific Profile Group.  The profiles that were grouped together in the steps above will now be shown in the drop-down.  The option to 'Use All Group Profiles' will also available.  Select Create Tasks.


The selected profiles within the Profile Group will be shown within your Release.


Note: You can import profiles directly into a profile group when importing them into Kodai.

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