How do I setup Kodai settings?



To view Kodai settings, click the gear button on the bottom left. Here, you will be able to change settings including Deactivating your license key to use it on another machine by clicking this button.



  • Discord Webhooks - By adding Discord webhooks, you will get notifications sent to a Discord channel of your choosing for certain actions, such as when a task checks out.

Don’t know how to create a Discord webhook? Please follow this guide to learn how to create your very own Discord webhook!

  • Only Include Successful Notifications - When enabled, task failure Discord notifications will not be sent to the webhook you have specified.
  • Include Useful Slot Info In Your Webhooks – When enabled, a few extra details will be included in checkout webhooks that can help if you are running profiles for other people, such as the email address of the profile that checked out. 



  • Avoid “In-Store” Shipping Option – This option ignores any kind of “in-store shipping” option Shopify stores may have. This option is heavily advised to be enabled, unless you plan to visit the physical store to pick up the product you purchased.
  • Send Exports to a Separate Webhook – Shopify tasks allow the option to be exported, where you can then manually complete the checkout yourself. If you’re using this mode, you can configure a different Discord webhook to send exported tasks to. 
  • Include Proxy Info in Export Webhook – Enabling this option will include the proxy used for the task that was just exported in the Discord webhook.


Shipping Manager 

Use the shipping manager to configure your shipping rates for each store.

  • Custom Shopify stores CANNOT have a shipping rate saved.  If you see your shopify store not included in our preset list, feel free to put in a ticket and we will try our best to add the store prior to the drop!
  • Note – at any time, a shopify store may change the shipping rate for your region.  If your shipping rate is invalid, your tasks will continue with checkout but will need to adjust and correct to the new shipping rate which may delay your checkout speeds.  It is recommended to periodically check your shipping rates to avoid any issues during a drop. 
  • Shopify Shipping Rates can be found here -

Detailed Video Guide


  • Preferred Sizing – This option will enable the user to select certain sizes during checkout. Preferred sizing works on all modules (Adidas, Supreme, Yeezy Supply, Shopify, Footlocker EU and Footsites).


In order for your tasks to select your preferred sizing selection, select the Preferred option under the Sizing drop-down.


  • PayPal - Certain Shopify releases ONLY allow PayPal as your payment option.  Kodai supports PayPal and the set up is quite simple. To use PayPal, select the “Click Here” link which will display a new PayPal log in window.  Sign into your PayPal account and once done, you can close the window.

Note: There is a timeout period where PayPal MAY log you out.  Prior to the drop, repeat the steps above to verify your PayPal is still logged in.


To use the PayPal feature for your release, select Pay with Paypal for your Profile.


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