How do I edit a release?




Clicking the cog by the release name opens up the above menu.

Clicking the window to the right of the cog allows you to open the release in a separate window.


Change Release Name

This option allows you to rename your release.

Change Release Store

This option allows you to change your release store.

Copy Release

This option allows you to copy everything from one release and creates a new one. This is the easiest way to transfer tasks if running multiple keyword sets.

Captcha Priority

Allows you to choose the captcha priority for a specific release. If this release is set to 1 and another release is set to 2, the release set at 1 will solve captchas first. Otherwise, it's random.

One Checkout Per Profile

Ticking this option makes it so a profile is only used once to checkout per release.

Export Checkouts To Browser

To avoid having to send exports to a webhook, you can enable this option and you will see a “Click to Export.” which will pull the checkout to your browser.

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