Amazon Profile Setup


Profile Setup:

When creating profiles for Amazon, it is very important to set them up correctly, as Amazon only accepts precise information. Below, you will find examples of profile setups for certain regions.

Amazon CA:


Amazon DE:


Amazon JP: 

Note: Amazon JP requires a country code before entering a phone number.Amazon_JP.png

Amazon NL:


Amazon SE:

Note: Amazon SE requires a country code before entering a phone number.


Amazon UK:


Amazon US:


We plan to add more profile examples for the rest of the supported regions in the coming future!


If your country is not listed here, assume that you should always include special characters found in the proper spelling of street names, cities, zip codes and any other names. For phone numbers, you should use your country code. If your tasks stop with the task status of "Bad Profile Details", please contact "Jon#6956" on Discord for assistance or create a support ticket (

You should also never use the same profile for different countries, as the default address can be improperly set and items will appear as out of stock. Ensure that you use one profile per account.

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