Amazon Multi-SKU Monitoring



Select "Multi-SKU" for the monitor type and the monitor input will be replaced with a button to configure Multi-SKUs.


It's recommended to use a monitor delay of 3000ms for Multi-SKU monitoring. It is important to watch your tasks and see if this delay works for you. Delays that are too short can cause “503 on monitoring, retrying…” task statuses. You should adjust your delays to be higher if you get this status.

You can list as many product SKUs to monitor as you want. Once a product SKU is picked up, all of your tasks in this release will attempt to check it out!

Allowing a different monitoring delay, a different set of proxies for monitoring and a webhook notification for when a product is picked up can all be configured in the Multi-SKU monitoring settings!

Below the SKU list, you will see an option to pick up the product when it was Loaded or Checked Out.
Loaded - The product has been loaded on the site, but it is not certain that there is actually stock live behind the product page, and Kodai will begin trying to cart and checkout anyway.

Checked Out - The product has loaded on the site and we have collected enough data to indicate checkouts are happening to a specific SKU you were running and Kodai will begin trying to cart and checkout. 


Kodai will be able to automatically stop the release after pick up depending on the given options listed below: 

Unchecked Automatic Reset - The carting of the product will not automatically stop. You will have to manually stop the release after the product has been picked up. 

Been Unloaded - The carting of the product will stop automatically once the product has been pulled from the website. You can set a time (minutes) for how long you want the product to continue carting past the pull time. 

Less Than - The carting of the product will stop automatically when checkout data indicates a low number of checkouts in a given period (the checkout data used includes checkouts by various consumers, not just Kodai users).

Been Picked Up - Once the product has been picked up, it will run for a specific amount of time then stop the release regardless of anything else. 

Note: When a "STOP" trigger is met, the release goes back to monitoring all SKUs in the list, as usual, to pick up/stop other SKUs in the list or the same SKU if it restocks/triggers again. 

Close the module by clicking the 'X' on the top right. Configure the remainder of your release by selecting proxies and creating tasks. Save your changes and then you're ready to start your release using Multi-SKU monitoring!



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