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If you are new to Google Cloud, you can create a new project and take advantage of Google Cloud’s free trial package, which gives you $300 to spend within a 12 month period. You can generate proxies from plenty of remote locations from the US, Europe, and/or even Asia.

If you have already created a google cloud platform account in the past and know the credentials for the account, you may skip to the next portion of this guide. If you have not created a google cloud console account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Cloud Console, which can be found by following the link, here: Google Console (Free Trial)  
  2. Enter the Gmail account that you would like linked to the console.
  3. Follow the steps and fill in the necessary. You can choose between individual or business, doesn’t matter.
  4. Once in the dashboard, you will be prompted to create a project. You can name this anything you’d like. Enter a name, project ID that will be used to identify your project, or accept the defaults, and click create.

Once you have created a project and you are on the dashboard, you will want to go ahead and head over to the settings tab and change the region to the desired location as well as the zone. You can confirm you did this correctly later in the guide as Essentials will specify the region.

Head over the top left corner and hit the three lines.

Go down and click on “IAM & Admin”


Head over to “Service Accounts”


Choose “Create Service Account”

xFill out the fields below. (Account Name, Account ID, Account Description)

Once the service account is made, left click on the account. You will see a button labeled, “ADD KEY”. Choose JSON, and click create.

Once the Private Key JSON File is created, head on over to essentials. Here you will be able to generate the proxies and they will terminate as you choose. Insert the file here.

Click the generate proxies button below and you'll be prompted with a selection of providers. Choose GCP as the provider.

You can leave this as default settings as you have already placed the private key file in the beginning.

Here is the review page of the proxy generator. You can choose the number of proxies you would like to generate (price estimation is listed below the proxy number) and the expiration date. You can choose to have an expiration date and the proxies will automatically terminate once the time/date is surpassed. With GCP, make sure to check the proxies were deleted manually through the dashboard as a precaution.

If done correctly, you will see the proxies listed in the proxy history section of the proxy generator.

NOTE: Essentials has to be open for the proxies to terminate. If Essentials is closed when they are meant to terminate they will not be deleted. You will have to reopen Essentials and within around 15 seconds, they will delete themselves if it's past the expiration.

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