Account Generator - How do I get a forwarded email setup?



Forwarded Email:

The forwarded email feature is currently unique to the Amazon & FLX account generator, as they require us to enter a OTP code that is sent to the nominated email address when generating the account. Below are a set of steps on how to setup your Forwarded Email:


1. What can be used as a forwarded email?

You can either use a Gmail email address or a catch-all address. For example if you had the catch-all address "" you would set this to forward to your unique Essentials email address, this can be located within the Inventory page in Essentials.


2. How to forward the emails to Essentials?

In our recent Inventory update, we provided all users with a unique email address. If you are going to use a Gmail, all you have to do now is follow the steps on this page: Essentials Email Forwarding and that is it!


The process is easier for a catch-all address as all you need to do is add it to your domain forwarding, tutorials for this can be found on YouTube by searching "How to setup a catch all email".


After completing these steps you can now either put in your catchall address (e.g. into the input field or your Gmail address. Now you are ready to start creating your accounts while Essentials does all the work with ease!












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