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Upcloud has a variety of regions including Germany, Singapore, Finland, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Once an account is created, login to your Upcloud account.  In order to generate proxies, you will need to create a username API and password. To do so, click on the People tab, located on the top page.  Select +Add member.

Complete the necessary field including username, password, etc. Remember to note the username and password in this step since these will be used as your API keys in Essentials.

Be sure to enable  the following under Permissions and Server Access


Once all necessary fields are filled out, click on Create subaccount.

Return back to Essentials and select Upcloud in the drop-down.

Under the Default Generation Settings, input the API Username and API password associated with the Subaccount created in Upcloud.


Select the arrow next to your API password to select the proxy region.


To generate proxies, Select Generate Proxies

Select Upcloud and click Continue.

Input your Upcloud API Username API and API Password or select Use Default Settings to carry over your API saved in your Upcloud Settings. Click Continue.

Select the number of proxies to generate. If you would like to set an expiration date for the proxies to terminate, select the option and set a timeframe. If you do not wish to use this option, unselect it.

Click Generate.

Essentials will now look like this.  Please note it may take a few minutes for your proxies to generate.  

Essentials will list all your proxies for each provider under your Proxy History in addition to having the ability to copy your proxies directly to your bots, test proxies, and also delete all proxies.

To copy your proxies, select the following icon.


To test your proxies, select the following icon.


 To delete proxies, select the following icon.

You will be asked to confirm whether or not you want your proxies deleted. Select the appropriate option.


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