LEO/DAN Task Creation

  • Navigate to the Releases tab, press the '+' to create a new release, name your release group and select your desired region in the Nike category (e.g "Nike - US").
  • Enter the SKU of the release you would like to run for in the Product SKU field inside of your task group.
  • Click on Configure Accounts and follow the instructions in the account section of this guide.
  • Select your Proxy List, if you specified an account specific proxy in the Configure Accounts tab, Kodai will use that proxy for logging in and entering but the proxy list is still needed for monitoring.
  • Simultaneous Entries is the maximum number of browsers you would like Kodai to have open at a time. Kodai limits how many browsers can be opened at once and queues the rest to open once another one closes. Because of this, you can technically run an unlimited amount of tasks because every task won't open a browser window at once. The number should depend on the strength of your machine (server/device). You should play around with this value off-drop and see what a good number is for your machine, because obviously the more browsers opened at once = more entries you're able to get submitted, but if you open too many at once your Kodai can crash. THIS SETTING IS SHARED ACROSS RELEASES! For example, if you set the value to "10", only 10 browsers will open across all of your running releases.
  • You can run multiple SKUs using the same accounts with Kodai. Simply create separate releases for each and start them. Kodai will automatically detect and merge the browsers and use separate tabs per SKU, allowing them all to be entered at the same time!
  • Click on Configure Settings and the menu in the screenshot below will appear.
    • RE-ENTER ON LOSS is used for LEO releases. It is enabled by default and highly recommended. Re-enter on loss will automatically re-enter the task if it loses a draw.
    • USE BRAVE BROWSER is an optional feature. If you prefer to use Brave over Chrome, you will need to install Brave Browser on your device. Brave is known to be more efficient with resources, so many users use Brave in order to be able to handle more accounts per release.
    • SET PROFILE DETAILS will add details from the profile that is matched to your account email once you have created your tasks. If your account(s) already have details saved to them, and you don't want to override the accounts details, disable the 'Set Profile Details' release-wide setting. Still make sure the profiles you use include the correct CVV of the card saved to prevent Card Declines.
    • RESTART TASK ON ENTRY ERROR will automatically restart tasks that stop with general task errors, such as: 'Browser Error' or 'Error Entering Draw', so you no longer need to manually restart those tasks.
    • INCLUDE ORDER NUMBER IN SUCCESS WEBHOOKS should be enabled to add orders to the order tracker (https://hub.kodai.io/order-tracker) for LEO/DAN releases. This is also helpful to manually monitor order status if you do not have access to the email address on your Nike account.

  • To create your tasks, click the + sign. If you have specified a CVV with your accounts in the Configure Accounts section, select N/A for the profile. Otherwise you can simply select an individual profile or 'Use All Profiles'. For sizing, you can either select Random, specific sizes, or your preferred size range which you can customize in the settings tab.
  • Once you have done all the above, make sure to click the Save Changes button so you don’t lose your settings!

  • It is recommended to start your tasks at least 10-15 minutes before the drop to ensure they all get to the "Waiting for Countdown" status. However, if you haven't already logged into your accounts with Kodai (you only need to login once per account forever), then it's recommended to do so ahead of a drop (like the night before). All you have to do is start a release with the SKU dropping and wait for your tasks to login and get to countdown. Then, you can stop your release and the session will be saved (so you don't need to ever worry about login again), and then start the release again before the drop.
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