FLOW Task Creation

  • Navigate to the Releases tab, press the '+' to create a new release, name your release group and select your desired region in the Nike FLOW category (e.g "Nike FLOW - US").
  • Enter the SKU of the release you would like to run for in the Product SKU field inside of your task group.
  • (OPTIONAL) Click on Configure Accounts and follow the instructions in the account section of this guide. Make sure to enable Login to accounts in order to use accounts, otherwise guest checkout will be used. You should only assign proxies to accounts if absolutely necessary (like if you also use the accounts for LEO/DAN releases and don’t want to risk getting the accounts filtered), as tasks with an assigned proxy will have degraded performance because they won’t rotate if needed (e.g. if the proxy is rate limited).
  • Select your Proxy List, if you specified an account specific proxy in the Configure Accounts tab, Kodai will use that proxy for logging in and entering but the proxy list is still needed for monitoring.
  • Click on Configure Settings to configure some OPTIONAL settings.
    • Enter your desired Cart Quantity, which is the quantity of pairs you want to checkout per checkout. The default is 1. The higher the cart quantity, the more unlikely you are to checkout; however, it might allow you to checkout more pairs throughout the drop.
  • To create your tasks, click the + sign. Select an individual profile or ‘Use All Profiles’. For sizing, you can either select Random, specific sizes, or your preferred size range which you can customize in the settings tab.
  • Once you’ve done all the above, make sure to click the Save Changes button so you don’t lose your settings!
  • IMPORTANT! The ideal setup is to have tasks prepare ahead of time. So, if there's a drop coming up, start tasks ~15 minutes early and let them prepare and get to countdown or waiting for product. Once the product releases, your tasks will checkout extremely fast.
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