• FLOW AUTOMATIONS allows you to run for unexpected restocks 24/7. No quota will be consumed while tasks are on Waiting For Product. Additionally, automations only picks up products/sizes that restock. It will not instantly pick up a product that is already in stock.
  • Navigate to the Releases tab, press the '+' to create a new release, name your release group and select your desired region in the Nike FLOW category (e.g "Nike FLOW - US").
  • Change the MONITOR TYPE to Automations.
  • Click on Configure Automations and the menu in the screenshot below will appear.

    • You can list as many product SKUs to monitor as you want. Once a product SKU is picked up, all of your tasks in this release will attempt to checkout that SKU. There are a bunch of optional conditions you can use to better filter your SKU list (price min, price max, and size(s) restocked). The release will only begin if a SKU restocks with your set conditions.
    • The optional conditions Kodai currently supports are:
      • PMIN:<whole number> - the minimum price the product has to be.
      • PMAX:<whole number> - the maximum price the product can be.
      • SZ:<size range> - the sizes that should be picked up for that product. For instance, if you only put `4,4.5,5`, then only those sizes will pick up (which means you can run "Random" sizing and it'll only pick between those three sizes for that product SKU!). If the product loads but the sizes you configured didn't then the product won't pick up and your release will continue waiting for another product to pickup.
      • Below is an example of the format for optional conditions:
    • Automatically restart release after pickup allows you the option to automatically reset the release after X minutes of product pickup. For instance, you can configure it to reset after 5 minutes of a product pickup and then your release and tasks will go back to Waiting For Product, allowing you to run automations 24/7 without having to even be at your computer!
    • Why use Automatically duplicate release on product pickup and delete old release on stop? Nike sometimes restocks multiple SKUs at once. If you're only running one release, only the first SKU will be picked up. Using this setting, when a release picks up a SKU a new release will be instantly created monitoring for all the other SKUs. When the old release is stopped it will be fully deleted and the new release will monitor for the previous SKU again.
    • To create your tasks, click the + sign. Select an individual profile or ‘Use All Profiles’. For sizing, you can either select Random, specific sizes, or your preferred size range which you can customize in the settings tab.
    • Once you’ve done all the above, make sure to click the Save Changes button so you don’t lose your settings!
    • Lastly, start the release immediately and make sure yours tasks get to Waiting For Product. Keep your tasks running When a product picks up, tasks will automatically try to instantly check out that product!
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